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Gone West

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Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:47 am

On another thread Enzed makes a very interesting point about passing on X-chromosone..I think this is worthy of big discussion.........I reprint below:

B arney, the way I think re the female line of a sire, it matters extremely vitally to ME - let me elucidate slightly icon_wink.gif ..... ever since I read Marianna Haun's book on the X Factor about 10 or 11 years ago (and brainstormed it with 'others' on here whom shall remain nameless), I've always thought in the way of " how does one BEST pass on the x-chromosone to a potential foal in a mating?" .......... and the SEX of the resultant foal IS important (a) if it's a FILLY, then it will inherit all the genetic x-chromosone material from the Sire's bottomline incl damsireS's that's plural !!) female line PLUS the X from the dam's bottomline plus damsireS's female line (b) if it's a COLT, then he cannot inherit any x material from his sire AT ALL !! because the x chromosone cannot be passed down between two males...... (only through the damline)......... some people here will have questions re this - I must admit it's been a while since reading Marianna's findings in her book (plus subsequent online discussions from believers and non-believers alike ) c'est la vie
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