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Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2022 16:28 pm

Post subject: Race Cuts Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2022 12:29 pm

Reference Point Can anyone work it out. Will there be more or less flat races? Its super confusing and daft!!!! Reply
TOPOFTHEHILL »Thu Oct 20, 2022 13:32 pm
RP its just as I predicted they are tinkering around the edges. There will be fewer opportunities next summer but they have reserved the right to increase the number of all weather fixtures later in the year. Its the worst of all solutions to a very serious problem and they have demonstrated quite clearly that they are unable to address the fundamental factors. Its so absolutely predictable, a shambles that parallels our government when it must be quite obvious to everyone that both the government and the BHA are no longer (if they ever were) fit for purpose. At least with the government we will get an opportunity in a couple of years to vote them in or out. The BHA, not so much. Reply
Reference Point »Thu Oct 20, 2022 13:53 pm
I have just been on the ROA site to see if they can shed any light on it but nothing. If it wasn't for the race badges I wouldn't subscribe to them. My gut feeling is that ARC have got their way, at least in part, to have more AW races. I don't really understand how the 120 reduction in the summer will help. For my own part, I will look at the calendar at the beginning of July and if I think I don't have enough/appropriate opportunities for my horse/s I will bring them home for the summer and wait for the glut of races in the Autumn. I'm not sure who's thinking all this up but it doesn't make sense to me.
ReplyMartin X »Thu Oct 20, 2022 16:21 pm
I dont understand their logic either. I would have thought summer racing was the racing that brought the crowds - crowds that include new visitors to racing. Also, controlled ground conditions (going) etc more likely in the summer. IMO AW racing is ideal for the TV and not for social racing. Reply
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