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Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2022 20:14 pm

Post bt Topofthehill [transferred from Breeding Forum]If anyone was in any doubt about the momentum behind the latest attempt to restructure racing as a more elitist and less publicly attractive sport then take note of Ascot's support for the plan. When the big tracks, trainers, owners start to agree we are all in very big trouble. They will shaft everyone else and ride roughshod over what is clearly the interests of sustainable sport in a squalid effort to divert more of the already insufficient revenue into their own pockets. It must be resisted, I know that many don't share my view that there is simply too much racing but you really need to think again. Its like every sport take cricket for example, it used to be county and test matches now its T20 and ODI whatever that is and god help us womens cricket. It just dilutes the appeal. Even those in soccer seem to have quickly forgotten that when the Premiership was created it was based on a smaller number of teams than the old Ist Division. It has been a huge success but you will not get them to agree further cuts which are actually really necessary. Punters are simply not betting as much because the racing is low grade and boring with too few runners and little opportunity to take on the book. It needs someone with some vision and leadership and it needs it now! Reply

[/b]Reference Point »Tue Aug 02, 2022 17:46 pm
Tbf that;'s how racing has got here in the first place. The great and the good making decisions to enrich themselves. I'm afraid there is little anyone can do about it. If you ask me the big tracks are just looking for big paydays and rolling out the likes of Saville to promote their nonsense. Reply
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