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Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 8:30 am

Just back from my annual trip to Italy. The regulations mostly unnecessary and a real bore didnít take the edge of the event it was so good to get away. I must be one of the most tested people in the UK over the last 12 days I have had 5 tests and only once did anyone ask to see any certificate and that was at the airport leaving Italy. A jobsworth made me get another test because they have a rule which says you need a test no more than 48 hours before departure whereas the UK rules were 72 hours. Of course my test was between the 2 so another 40 Euros went down the toilet. So when I get the new test done we are getting late for boarding so get rushed through with no one looking at any certificate or passenger locator form, same thing at Stanstead no one checks anything. It seems to me that once they get your £99.00 for a 2 day test after you arrive they donít give a toss.
Anyway back to business and again I couldnít help but notice Bubble Gift the winner of the G2 Prix Niel was by Nathaniel but not out of a mare with Sadlerís Wells in her pedigree, but she did have his ĺ brother Nureyev. So this leads me to suggest that anyone looking for reasons to why Nathaniel appears to buck the inbreeding to Sadlerís Wells curse should look at the pedigree background of Special. I know there will be a lot of Pocahontas (Glencoe x Marpessa) maybe that is something to do with it.
Without going through the pedigree line by line I can see that Nathanielís dam looks loaded with Pocahontas mostly through Stockwell but I am sure if anyone had the time to start digging around they would find all the usual conduit horses with Pocahontas.
I used to be able to pick up the number of duplications of a horse but I canít remember where I did it from, possibly an old version of some software I no longer use.
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