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Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2021 14:38 pm

Today Amadan posted the following under the thread "Blends".
I hope Amadan will agree with me posting the comments here - comments I find very interesting:

This morning I have two PCs running the analysis. So far they have completed 18 files, are working on two more, and that leaves one other to do and that will start in about 20 minutes. The yare finding about 800 interesting matches a file, so about 21 x 800 - 16,800 out of 23 million might be interesting. ..................................... Now for a totally unrelated topic, nothing to do with sire/broodmare sire matching. .............. Yesterday afternoon at about 3pm I found an extraordinary feature in two pedigrees. The two horses are champions, multiple winners, very well known. This feature is in the 8th generation of the horses, the same two ancestors in each famous horse, the two ancestors related, and back in the 12th generation the ancestors of those two horses are similarly related. In one of the famous horses it is one of the 8th gen ancestors x 3, in the other the 8th gen ancestor x 2. What is very unusual is you will find one of those two ancestors in the pedigree of both famous modern horses in the pedigree of a horse in the identical position in both six generation pedigrees (126 horses). I am wondering if this is also found in bad horses, and I can not be too enthusiastic until I check hundreds of thousands of pedigrees. I am not giving the names of the horses, their ancestors in the 8th generation or the ancestors in the 12th generation as this may be very significant.
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