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Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 11:52 am

Today I am starting to write a program to pick out sire/damsire blends (inbreeding), an analysis of 3/4 of the pedigree. ........... I extracted sires with a year of birth (DOB) 1960 and later i.e. 41 years ago. ......... This gives 16,772 sires. If I was to compare each sire with every other sire it would give 16,772 x 16,771 or 282,283,212 sire/damsire combinations. ...... Obviously a sire born in 1960 could not sire a foal from a mare by a damsire born in 2015. A sire born in 1995 (now 26yo, could sire a foal from a mare by a damsire born in 1960 (dam DOB 1999 for example, an extreme example at the outer limits of possibility). ............... The next task is to cut down the number of sires from 16,772 to a more sensible figure. The best way is to calculate how many progeny by each sire and eliminate the sires with only 1, 2, 3 (about 3,732 with 1 progeny; 1,513 with 2; 929 with 3 from old data, or about 6,174 to be eliminated). A few of these will be retained e.g. Berkley Prince has only one offspring in my data, Weber City Miss (6 offspring), who was the dam of Slew City Slew (842 offspring). ........................... The final task will be (1) identify the country (IRE; GB; FR; GER; USA; AUS, other) of all sires and damsires (2) identify the current sires at stud as you do not have a use for the program unless it picks out sire/damsire combinations for the 2021; 2022; 2023 breeding seasons. Reply
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