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Irish Paddy

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Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:28 am

On a lower thread, Oreally makes an interesting comment "True - 7588 foals may be REGISTERED in Ireland but those details will have come from Weatherby's Ireland and they wouldn't have a clue. Believe me there were many, many more foals born but because the nominations have NOT been paid for, then the foals cannot be registered. It's a sick joke."
    In Ireland, the cost of Registering a foal born in 2010 by 31-July-2010 amounted to ?125.
      by 30-September-2010 that Registration fee rose to ?342.
        by 31-December-2010 that rose to ?504. And so on. The cost of Registering a 2-y-o or 3-y-o is unbelievable. The Foal Levy fee is an additional charge.
          Some might ask "why would anyone wait to Register a 3-y-o?" But that is a common situation in Ireland where so many thoroughbreds are bred for National Hunt Racing and dont ever see a bridle until they are three years old! But from a Registration point of view the costs are the same for all categories of thoroughbred. This is hardly fair, or is it? It does literally cost thousands of Euro to Register any horse over the age of three years. There are some suggestions I would make but first, any comments please?
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