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Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 14:05 pm

In a piece in the TDN JP said: --
There's nothing worse than going to a sale and not being able to buy anything because owners have stupid reserves on horses and then they don't sell them but have no intention of putting them into training either. ---
However he thought it was ok to sell a listed winner for 1k because it improves the value of the mare etc. As a breeder there is nothing worse than going to the sale (so I don't) with a horse I like but know it won't get any money because the market is driven by agents that put a premium on the obvious. If you sell a listed winner for 1k you will never get that back unless the mare is very young. Maybe trainers should be offering some sort of service to breeders with this type of horse that allows everyone to make a little. This could take the form of much cheaper training for the first few months and then both trainer and breeder could identify the better ones and both profit from it.
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