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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 15:36 pm

I have been tying together 2 or 3 older threads that I think some of you must have missed. When we were discussing the poor performance of Dubawi as a broodmare sire I think Paddy asked about Invincible Spirit. Well if anything he has been even more dismal than Dubawi. I think however I may have a possible reason why this should be. A long time ago I did a bit about inbreeding and how some sires were great sires and yet when they appeared twice in a pedigree (i.e. inbred to) they turned out to be completely negative.
Well one of those horses was Green Desert. His overall Stakes winners to runners is about 8% which is pretty good. However when you inbreed to him in the 3rd generation the strike rate drops to 1.67%. When you inbreed to him in the 4th generation it is a little better but still nearer the 1.67% than the 8%.
Now if you have a mare by Invincible Spirit (X Geen Desert) and you are looking to breed her you will be likely to look initially at least to a speed stallion. Well most of them have an element of Green Desert in their pedigree and that means inbreeding to Green Desert which almost certainly leads to taking a big hit when you get to the races.
The other speed stallions just donít seem to work that well with Invincible Spirit either, maybe Scat Daddy lines will help in time but Acclamation doesnít seem to be delivering at this time.
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