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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:59 am

I really don't get the sales anymore. My overriding thoughts were that the quality (I am talking physicals) was down. That didn't necessarily stop them making huge money but to me it looks like a market heading for a cliff edge. Of course there were some very nice horses on show and the more I look at the sale as a whole the more differences you can see in the way yearlings are presented. Some consigners consistently hit the spot I have a great respect for Tally-Ho Stud and Ballylinch Stud both present their horses exceptionally well. There are plenty of other who do a really professional job but some have seem to have fallen back a bit. In a market which is confusing and unforgiving the individual has to be right. My problem is identifying the horses that are really sold and its not so much the vendor buy backs although some of these beggar belief. I did notice for example one stud that sold 4 yearlings, all were purchased by the same agents. Possible but unlikely IMO. Then there are horses consigned by Highclere (really professional), bought by John and Jake Warren. Is that a sale, I am not sure. Going back to the quality issues I have a theory that the very big top of the market consignors are looking at their draft and pushing the sales company to put their lesser Book 1 horses into Book 2. They generally make more money but always make better publicity. This forces the Sales Company to put some Book 2 horses into Book 1 and you can bet your life its not the very best Book 2 horses that get 'upgraded'.
The Kingmans sold very well (no surprise really) but to my eye they looked a bit big topped and heavy which considering the limbs Kingman had himself might be a problem for them in training.
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